How Much Do News Anchors Make?


As of January 2013, the salary range that a news anchor typically makes in a year is from $27,342 to $115,084. The salary still varies depending on location, company, and years of experience or popularity. For instance, Matt Lauer of NBC makes $25 million a year for being a news anchor.
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1. Get an internship with a local station, network or cable news network. Many internships are offered to students studying journalism, broadcast journalism or English through colleges
A degree in Journalism, credible experience in the news field, a pleasant personality and appearance. This is one of those positions where you don't just jump in as anchor after graduation
Preface: My thoughts only relate to news anchors in the US and American English. Also, I am no expert, so there may be a better term for news anchor speech (e.g. news report speech)
1. Be an articulate speaker. Your voice is key in this field. You should concentrate on projection, enunciation, and inflection. All of these things will help you deliver your &ldquo
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