How Much Do News Anchors Make?


As of January 2013, the salary range that a news anchor typically makes in a year is from $27,342 to $115,084. The salary still varies depending on location, company, and years of experience or popularity. For instance, Matt Lauer of NBC makes $25 million a year for being a news anchor.
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To become a news anchor you must have a college degree in journalism. You must also write well, do an internship, become a member of a member of a professional journalist organization
1. Get an internship with a local station, network or cable news network. Many internships are offered to students studying journalism, broadcast journalism or English through colleges
A degree in Journalism, credible experience in the news field, a pleasant personality and appearance. This is one of those positions where you don't just jump in as anchor after graduation
Preface: My thoughts only relate to news anchors in the US and American English. Also, I am no expert, so there may be a better term for news anchor speech (e.g. news report speech)
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