How Much Do Paleontologists Make?


An entry level paleontologist will make about $37,000 per year. In contrast, mid-career, he or she will make about 67,000 and will max out at approximately 133,000. You can find more information here:
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Paleontologists study prehistoric life on Earth. They do more than just look at dinosaur bones and fossils. It is considered a branch of geology, but they also study life and evolution
A Palaeontologist is a scientist who studies ancient fossilised plant and animal material (ie. dinosaur fossils) in order to learn about the world in the past. They observe the fossils
1. Consider the context of the dig. Many dig sites are not just barren desert, but places where people have accidentally come across fossils. For example, a paleontologist might get
Annoying. The public thinks that you make a living digging holes and fawning over dinosaurs. Geologists think you're nothing more than a stratigrapher. Biologists think you're nothing
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Paleontologists can earn as much as $133,000 annually. They normally have a Masters or a Doctorate degree. ...
The average salary of a full-time paleontologist is about $70,000 per year. That averages out to $5,833 per month or $36.45 per hour. Salaries can vary due to ...
The average salary of a paleontologist is around $73,000. Their salary varies depending on where they live, their experience and their education. ...
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