How Much Do Paramedics Get Paid?

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Salary Profile for Paramedics
Average High Low
Ashburn, VA 20147 $50,000 $68,000 $37,000
National $38,000 $52,000 $28,000
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Paramedics or emergency medical technicians (EMTs) provide immediate medical attention at the scene of accidents or medical emergencies such as during heart attacks, gunshot wounds
$46,065.50 Average according to
All of the above are possible. Lots of agencies have lots of different systems. Some are volunteer and not paid at all, others are on-call or on stand-by and only paid their full
The New York City EMT starting base salary is
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The amount that paramedics get paid will vary based on location and experience. As of December 31, 2012, paramedics in the United States make an average yearly salary of $38,632. This does not include bonuses.
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