How Much do People in the Military Get Paid?


How much you make in the military depends on what branch you are in and what you're in. For example, a private first class, in the army for two years, can make about 17,000 per year. A staff sergeant, in for six years, can make around 33,000. An E3, in the military, can make around 35,000 a year. On top of their salary, military personnel are also supplied with cost for housing and other bonuses and expenses.
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1. Join the Reserve Officers Training Corps, or ROTC, while attending school. In addition to taking other academic classes, you also take ROTC courses that prepare you for military
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Military pay is based upon several factors. Everyone gets "base pay, based upon the member's grade (rank) and time-in-service. Those authorized to live off-base receive a housing
The pay is based on your grade/rank - each rank is paid the same,
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Active duty military members get paid twice per month, on or about the 1st and 15th day of each month. As of 2011, the lowest grade of enlisted service member ...
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