How Much Do PGA Caddies Get Paid?


PGA Caddies get paid about $1,000 in a week, 5% of the tournament, 7% of a top placement and 10% for a victory. However they have a wide range of salaries depending on the earnings of the golfer for whom they caddy for example Tony Navarro who is Adam Scott's caddy gets about $442,548 while Allistair Matheson who is Geof Ogilvy's caddy gets about $337,888.
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More than likely it is Steve Williams, Tiger Woods' caddy.
1. Learn about caddying at a local country club that has a caddy program or a caddy school. Explore the world of caddying at the Web site of the Professional Caddies Association.
1. Offer to work as a golf course caddy for local golfers at your area country club. Being a hard worker will definitely get your further in the world of golf and you never know what
They get a fixed amount paid to them based for every tournament they caddy which is up to the player and caddy. And then they get about 10% of what the player makes.
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Golf caddies have the responsibility of carrying the golfer's equipment from hole to hole. Pro golf caddies that work on the PGA tour typically make about $1,000 ...
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