How Much do Psychiatrist Make?


The national average of pay that a psychiatrist makes is roughly $108,000. The amount that a psychiatrist makes depends on the region that they live in.
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Salary Profile for Psychiatrist
Average High Low
Ashburn, VA 20147 $233,000 $262,000 $120,000
National $182,000 $205,000 $94,000
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A psychiatrist is essentially a medical psychologist or a psychologist that can prescribe medications. Psychiatrists study and treat mental disorders such as phobias.
Function In the past, psychiatrists worked mainly with the chronically or seriously ill, but this has changed significantly over the past few decades, with more and more psychiatrists
Answer A psychiatrist is a physician who specializes in psychiatry and is certified in treating mental illness. As part of their evaluation of the patient, psychiatrists are one of
1 Speak to your regular physician about a psychiatric referral. Your regular doctor will have a good working knowledge of mental health specialists. Ad
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If you work as a psychiatrist and you are very good and with experience, you can get between $100.000-$200.000 per year. This amount varies a lot. ...
Psychiatrists will charge a varying amount of based on their level of education per session. Some medical coverage will cover the cost of a psychiatrist. An average ...
Acceptance into medical school requires a bachelor's degree from an accredited college or university. To save money on tuition, you can take two years of courses ...
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