How Much Do Roses Cost Per Dozen?


How much a dozen roses will cost depends on the quality of bloom, the type of rose, and the season. During the Valentine's day season the demand is high, which increases the labor necessary to meet the demand. This will increase the cost of each bloom. If you are willing to compromise a little on the quality of bloom, you can get a good deal. At a discount florist you can get a dozen roses with a few minor imperfections for around $20 - $30. At a high end florist the same dozen roses may cost between $60 and $70.
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The base price for 1 dozen roses with vase -
At least 20 including tip.
1 dollar!
where are you?That will determine the cost. So will where you buy them. If you buy cupcakes at a fancy scratch bakery or the cheap stuff at Walmart, there will definitely be a difference
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