How Much Do Rotors Cost?


A brake rotors cost varies with the vehicle. Year, engine size, type of brake, make, and model all factor into what a rotor costs. Sometimes a person can get them from a junk yard and have them turned at a lower cost.
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rotors come in all different sizes for millions of different applications. they can start as low as 6 dollars and go up as much as 1000+ call your local parts store with the year
It would depend on the make and year along with location. Chevy Silverado Brake Rotor REAR
Rotors can cost an additional $15 to $25 to be machined (if they even can be) or an additional $30 to $100 a piece to replace; depending on the vehicle.
$220 for pair of front slotted rotors on eBay for 1998 accord, $250 for rear. Was quoted $600 to $1200 for actual brake place to replace rear rotors, pads and bearings. Cheapest option
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On the low end, a single rotor generally costs about $30 as of 2012. The upper end of the range is $60. The quality and brand of the rotor account for the variations in price.
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