How much do Schnauzers cost?


Schnauzers are a German dog breed that is shaggy and medium sized. They are considered a terrier breed. As of 2013, Schnauzers can cost around $400 per dog.
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I recently went to thirteen pet stores in Brooklyn and Manhattan. Schnauzer puppies were priced between $550 and $1250.
It will vary some by region/state and by breeder but they can run
Do not buy from a pet store. You will only be supporting Puppy Mill activity. If you deal with a BYB, more than likely you'll end up with a cheap poorly bred dog, which will cost
Tails are docked between two and ten days old (dewclaws are usually removed at that time as well) and is usually fairly inexpensive at that time so it is done by the breeder. Many
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