How Much Do Snakes Weigh?


Snakes can weigh different amounts depending on the species and its diet. Snakes can weigh anywhere from a couple pounds to a couple hundred pounds depending on length, age, diet, and other factors.
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That depends on which type of snake a python weighs around 300 pounds whilst a grass snake weighs 240 grams.
Depending on the kind of snake, it's normal for a snake to weigh anywhere from two to 78… put her or him in a food scale..NOT ONE AT THE STORE!! LOL.. but you can buy one for maybe 10 bucks they are not that expensive..
The average weight of an Anaconda Snake is 330 pounds! Average length: 20ft, average diameter: 12in! report this answer. Updated on Wednesday, February 01 2012 at 11:28AM EST. Source
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The weight of the snake depends on the variety of the snake and whether it is a baby or an adult. there are some very small snakes that can weigh a couple of pounds, while the heaviest snake on record is over 900 lbs.
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