How Much Do Sports Announcers Make?


Unfortunately, how much a sport announcer makes differs from one person to the next as well as one sport to the next. For example, an NFL announcer makes an average of 1.3 million dollars a year. The average NBA announcer, on the other hand, makes $500,000 a year.
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1. Volunteer your time and talents at local sports events. Ask your local sports organizations if they need any announcers for their Little League or Pee Wee games. High Schools often
To announce sports. where to be held , and also the time. informations about the sport to be held.
1. Mute the. TV. If you mute the television, you will instantly free yourself from their bad calls, their inane comments, and their clearly scripted background information on players
Personally, I really like the Kirk Herbstreit and Brent Musburger tandem of ABC's Saturday Night Football. They both are very knowledgeable of the game and the players and provide
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