How Much Do Struts Cost?


The cost of struts will depend on the make and model of your vehicle. The price will also be dependent upon what brand you buy. On average, replacing struts will cost approximately $100-$300 for the parts alone.
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How Much Do New Struts Cost?
If you have a car that has front-wheel drive, chances are you have struts on the front-end suspension. Struts are a combination of various front-end components that includes shock absorbers, coil spring, steering knuckles, spring seats and strut... More »
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Depending on the make and model of your vehicle, it can cost between $300- $700 to replace basic struts. Higher grade parts can cost $700- $1,000 or more. You ...
Replacing shocks and struts really depends on what you are replacing them on. A good rule of thumb is that older car models can be inexpensive, and newer cars ...
Struts are part of the front suspension on an automobile. Their are two struts, one for each front wheel. The cost of a strut varies from model to model, but in ...
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