How Much Do Substitute Teachers Make?

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Salary Profile for Substitute teachers
Average High Low
Ashburn, VA 20147 $53,000 $54,000 $32,000
National $41,000 $42,000 $25,000
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Substitute teachers make about $70 a day in the rural district l live in. In urban areas the daily rate is probably more. Call your local school district to find out rates in your own area.
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To be a substitute teacher you are required to have a certain number of college hours. If you have a degree you are paid more than those that dont'. you also are requried to have
1. Obtain an associate or bachelor’s degree, as this is one of the main requirements for substitute teachers in most school districts. Some kindergarten-friendly majors include
1 Notice what your teachers wear daily. Most especially, the younger ones. Ad
This probably varies from state to state, but in the state of North Carolina you can substitute teach once you have completed two years of college.
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Substitute teachers in Santa Rosa County in Florida may make anywhere from $9. 82-$15. 18 an hour. The amount paid will vary by the degree that they have, and ...
Substitute teachers are usually paid by the day. A lot of it varies on the school district. They can make around $100 a day. Some even have it where if you work ...
With today's teacher shortage, many schools will allow you to become a substitute teacher if you have a bachelors degree in nearly any topic. ...
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