How much do Super Bowl referees get paid?


Super Bowl referees draw a paycheck of approximately $10,000 for their officiating work at the National Football League's biggest game. Getting the calls right and protecting the integrity of the game is so important that referees are appropriately and handsomely compensated.

In the same way that players feel honored to participate in the Super Bowl, referees feel honored to officiate the big game. Based on their history of officiating excellence, referees are hand-picked by the NFL for Super Bowl duty. In addition to their paychecks, referees are awarded with Super Bowl rings to commemorate their contributions to the ultimate football game.

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The NFL referee salary (National Football League) ranges from USD 25,000 to
NFL referees make $11900 for working the Super Bowl, according to author Tim Polzer.
Not Financial Advice: NFL referees earn anywhere from $90,000-$225,000 per season. They do not get paid by individual games.
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