How Much Do Survivor Contestants Get Paid?


The winner of Survivor receives a $1,000,000 cash prize and the runner up receives a $100,000 cash prize. The rest of the contestants receive a stipend depending on how long they were on the show. $100,000 is awarded to the fan favorite.$50,000 3rd Place $25,000 4th Place $20,000 5th Place $15,000 6th place $12,000 7th Place $10,000 8th Place $9,000 9th place $8,000 10th Place $7,000 11th place $6,000 12th place $5,000 13th place $4,000 14th Place $3,000 15th place $2,500 16th place Last Place
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Tyson Apostol won Survivor: Blood vs. Water in Episode 14, which aired December 15, 2013. Monica Culpepper was runner-up and Gervase Peterson was second runner-up.
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According to the Survivor Applicant Agreement contract which can be read in full by clicking on the attached link, "Producers may, in its sole discretion, give consolation cash
How do I become a contestant on survivor, well if you are really ready to take on survivor please visit or
How much does each contestant on Survivor receive? The winner of every cycle receives one million dollars, but other contestants typically walk away with cash, too. How much? Competing
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Survivor contestants who make it to the end of the show win quite a bit of money. The first place prize is $1 million, and is the only contestant prize that is ...
It is well known that the winner for each season of Survivor gets $1,000,000. However, it is little known that each contestant receives an award, depending on ...
Survivor is a reality based game show were contestants live in the elements and compete in challenges. The winner receives prize money in the amount of $1,000,000 ...
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