How Much do Target Employees Get Paid?


The average wage for a Target Cashier or Associate is around $8 per hour. Supervisors and managers get paid $13 per hour or more. If you work in the pharmacy, the wages are significantly higher. You can find out more information here:
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Every 2 weeks.
Target Corporation employs about 351,000 people nationwide. A single store can have hundreds of employees at one time. Their annual revenue is $64 billion.You can find more information
They get paid every 2 weeks. ChaCha with me!
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In my area, the typical starting employee at Target gets minimum wage. I am not sure of your location, so I am not sure of your minimum wage. Supervisors, and ...
How much a Target employee gets paid depends on the position and the location. Most Target stores pay about $8.00 per hour. Supervisors make more like $13.00 an ...
Target is a chain store that sells clothing and other home goods merchandise. Each state is different on how much employees are paid. With Target, one will start ...
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