How Much Do Teachers Get Paid in a Day?


How much teachers get paid in a day depends on many factors including the institution, years of experience and geographical region. Generally, teachers can make anywhere from $200 to $400 a day. This calculation gets even more complicated by the fact that some teachers opt to spread their income out over the entire 12 months of the year, rather than getting all of their income paid to them during the school year.ÿ However you calculate it, teachers do not seem to get paid what they are worth when compared to other professions.
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Hard question to answer and depends really on where they are teaching, but if a teacher is getting paid an average of probably $60,000AUD then working with that they would get something
Of the 22,990 teachers employed at the elementary level in Colorado, the average salary was estimated to be $48,010 a year in 2009, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. The
1. Tell your teachers about yourself! If you are willing to share information with them about your life and hobbies, they will be more willing to share information about theirs with's-Day
I taught high school in Canada for a few years. Here's life as a I
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The average salary of the teachers is between 45.000-50.000 dollars per year. if you want to be a teacher you will have to be nice and patient with the children ...
A teacher's average salary is $47,602. However, this can vary by state and location. The average salary in Chicago is $53,713 while Orlando, Florida averages only ...
If you are an art teacher then your average salary is between 30.000-40.000 dollars per year. You teach children how to draw and make beautiful pictures. ...
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