How Much Do Teacup Poodles Cost?


A Teacup poodle can cost as much as 1800 dollars. Teacup poodles are very popular and have a huge following.
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Anywhere from $100-1000 depending on the person you get the poodle from.
1. Brush your teacup poodle every other day to prevent matting and tangling of the fur. Also brush your poodle before and after a bath. Use a soft pin brush when grooming. Start at
You are getting the same answer I gave you when you asked about so called teacup chihuahua's.............. There is no such thing as a teacup anything. What you are referring to is
The prices of a teacup poodle range from $1,000 to $4,000 depending on
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The smaller the teacup poodle, the more money they cost, this is because they are a rare species dog to find. Their price can range anywhere from $250 to $10,000! You can find more information here:
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The cost of a teacup pug ranges from $550 to $1500 depending on the breeder. The cost of airfare to ship a teacup pug is not included in the price of the pug its ...
As with most teacup breeds the yorkie can be expensive. They will cost anywhere between $500.00 and $1500.00. Try contacting a few different breeders to see what ...
Teacup Yorkshire Terrier dogs are costly. The price ranges from $1,500-$4,000. They rarely sell this breed of dog because they are premature and die easily. ...
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