How Much Do the Police Get Paid?


The salaries of the police in the UK vary greatly, depending on the position one holds in the department. However, the average salary for police officer jobs is £23,400. Average police officer salaries also vary greatly due to location, company, industry, experience and benefits. For more information, visit the UK Police website.
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Police officers and detectives enforce laws. They catch criminals. They collect evidence. They sometimes testify in court. Others patrol set areas to prevent crime. Some patrol and give out traffic tickets. Some direct traffic. In May of 2008, police officers had average yearly wages of $52,810. Police get paid for overtime. Police also receive paid vacation, sick leave, and medical and life insurance. Often they get money for uniforms. Many retire at half-pay after 25 or 30 years of service.
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The median annual wage for police officers and detectives in 2008 was $75,490... not bad, but goes much higher when you have military experience and a college
Most county and local law enforcement agencies have an auxiliary force composed of trained volunteers. To join this team, applicants must undergo all of the background checking, and
Police officers are paid by the hour.
The average salary for Police in Navajo, New Mexico is $10,869. If you were to work
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The salary earned by police officers varies with their competence, rank and experience. For example, a police constable earns a salary of £36,519; a sergeant ...
Being a police officer can be a very stressful job since its a police officers job to protect and serve their community. They can get paid from $40,000 a year ...
Police Officers are paid according to their rank. The lowest paid is the constable with £21,534 per year. Chief officers on the other hand receive £ ...
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