How Much do UPS Drivers Make?


UPS drivers are some of the best paid delivery drivers in the world. They have an annual salary of $70,000 per year or more, and excellent benefits.
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Salary Profile for Ups drivers
Average High Low
Ashburn, VA 20147 $49,000 $59,000 $33,000
National $38,000 $46,000 $26,000
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Being a UPS driver can be fun if you do not like to be behind a desk all day. You can travel on the road and UPS drivers normally make around $15 an hour or more depending on how long they have worked there.
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UPS drivers can make $8.00 an hour all the way up to over $30.00 an hour. It all depends on the skill of the driver and also how long they have worked for the company.
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UPS drivers can make anywhere from ten to thirty dollars an hour. This depends on what part of the region you work in and if you are working during peak season. ...
The salary that UPS drivers make depends on the state they live in. It also depends on how much they work since they are an hourly employee. There are also part ...
The annual income for a UPS driver depends on experience but the average yearly income for a UPS driver is $56,000. This does include benefits and paid time off. ...
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