How Much Do Wiis Cost?


How much a Nintendo Wii costs depends on where a person gets one. The standard price is between 150 and 200 US dollars depending on accessories and location.
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You can find the Nintendo Wii sold alone as well as in numerous single bundle packages. The prices will vary depending on the package your choose as well as where you make your purchase
The Wii U is going to launch in North America with two different packages. Basic ($299.99) Deluxe ($349.99) The Basic Set includes the Wii U system, the Wii U touch-screen gamepad
In the United States, the Wii retails for about $200. However, because of its popularity, most stores bundle it with other games and accessories to raise the price. The Wii can cost
The Nintendo Wii gaming console retails for $250. On eBay, Wiis have been selling from
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From what I know, generally the Wii gaming system costs around two hundred dollars. There are sometimes sales where you can pay a little less for it though. ...
How much Wii points cost depends on whether you buy them from a retail store or from the online Wii store. At a retail store you can typically purchase a gift ...
The Nintendo Wii started off slow in sales dropping the price in the beginning but they are on a roll now. The costs have gone up to be competitive with the other ...
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