How Much Do WWE Superstars Get Paid?


The amount that WWE Superstars get paid can vary greatly. As of December 2012, Triple H gets paid more than $2 million per year. Wrestler Kid Kash is paid only $62,000 annually.
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The list for highest paid wrestler in WWE is been out by forbesblogger, for the year 2011. according to which, NET WORTH : $30 million. 2011 Earning According to Forbes : $ 3,015,000
The WWE website says that in order to become a WWE superstar you must first have at least 3 to 5 years of professional wrestling experience. Once you have that you can mail them your
Triple H is the highest paid WWE superstar with annual earnings of $2,013,000
The Undertaker is currently the highest paid WWE Superstar with $2,013,000! Got more questions! 24/7!
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The actual figures for the salary paid to the WWE Superstars is not made available to the public. Some of the overall payroll numbers were reported online in 2006 ...
There are no free phone numbers that will allow fans to connect to WWE superstars for free. There are no paid ways in which fans can connect with these Superstars ...
WWE Superstars make good money with incomes between $4,000,000 to $6,000,000 a year depending on their popularity. These incomes include working full time and ...
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