How Much Do Yorkies Cost?


How much Yorkies cost varies depending on the dog and the seller. As of December 13, 2012, the average price for a Yorkie is $800-1000. If the dog does not have papers, the cost will be lower.
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Yorkies cost between $500. and $1200. each. They are pretty, prissy dogs that refuse to be house trained. They are loyal and comforting when you are sick. I had two of the brats for 16 years. Still miss them.
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To purchase a yorkie from a breeder can be about $1000. The food can average about $200 per year. You also have vet bills that can be up to $200 per years.
the average cost for a yorkie is 550 dollar put it still depends on where you buy it.
Yorkies can run from $450-over $2500. It depends on the breeder you buy from and the'...
Depends on where you purchase one. they can range from $350 up to $600. Don't fall for the whole "tea-cup" name it's just a nice name for runt of the litter - sickest of
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The cost of Yorkie puppies will depend on the breeder and other aspects of the puppies. Normally, they will cost around $350 to $450 with papers. ...
Yorkie puppies usually cost between $800-1200 if you purchase them from a quality breeder. However there are those that cost about $200 without papers, to upwards ...
As with most teacup breeds the yorkie can be expensive. They will cost anywhere between $500.00 and $1500.00. Try contacting a few different breeders to see what ...
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