How Much Do You Get Paid to Foster?


You don’t really get paid for fostering. You do receive an allowance to cover the cost of caring for a child. There are minimum weekly rates but these can vary depending on your location, skills, etc.
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Foster parents are provided a stipend to assist in the financial burden of raising a child. This money should cover all of the bare necessities, as well as something extra so that
It depends how much experience you have and what level of foster carer you are, as well as what age the child is. Also it depends how hard to look after the child is but it can be
You can't 'buy' foster kids, so I have no idea what you mean by how
States determine how much to pay foster families, and there is a wide range. The Child Welfare League of America reports that a foster parent in Nebraska is paid $222 per month for
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Foster carers are paid a base rate of £125.09 for caring for children aged 0 to 4 years, £167.36 for children aged 5 to 10 years, £177.38 for children aged 11 to 15 years and £215.74 for children aged sixteen years and over. However, these rates vary greatly with different fostering agencies.
The absolute minimum a foster parent receives is £106 per week per child and this will be raised to £109 in 2010/11. What is paid on top of this will depend on individual fostering service providers. At one time foster carers were seen as volunteer workers who cared for children and were paid an allowance which covered their costs, rather than a wage as such.
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