How Much Do You Pay a Pastor for a Funeral?


Pastors set their own fees for a funeral. For members, they may decide not to charge anything. A funeral director can help those who do not have a pastor, find one.
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If a Latter-Day Saint officiates at a funeral he will not accept remuneration. But $100 - $200 is common. This fee, BTW, generally goes into a benevolence fund for the needy.
1. Present the money immediately after the funeral in person. Place some money in an envelope and hand it directly to the pastor, thanking him verbally for what he has done for you.
Annemarie Juhlian charges between $450 and $850 depending
1. Consider preplanning your funeral needs. Making funeral decision arrangements while not in a time of emotional distress will allow you to make more level-headed choices in regards
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Several factors determine the appropriate honorarium to be paid to a pastor for a funeral. The family budget, how well the pastor is known to the family, and the amount of work that (s)he put into the service are some of the factors to consider.
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