How Much Do You Pay Per Month for Unlimited Text and Call from Verizon?


Depending on your region of the country, unlimited text and call from Verizon can cost as much as $69.99 per month. Now, don't let this number fool you. You also have to pay taxes and fees for each month of service, which can bring your bill up to around $80 per month.
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If you are on the current calling plan, Nationwide, then it is $20 a month for unlimited texting on an individual plan. If you are on a family share plan (1 or more lines), then the
Unlimited call costs $69.99 a month. Text message plans costs $20 a month for unlimited usage, so they're matching Verizon's $89.99.
That seems a good deal to me. Even on payg my kids can run up bills more than that. That's why I've been looking into getting them a monthly billed one.
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The cost of a Sciphone monthly plan that would only include unlimited text messages and calling would depend on which carrier was providing the service. ...
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