How Much Do You Think a Used Winshield from a Junk Yard Costs?


How much do you think a used windshield from a junk yard costs. Getting a windshield from a junk yard would cost you roughly fifty bucks. Putting it in will be the tricky part.
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The prices are really all over the chart - depending on what the salvage yard has and the condition of the motor and whether or not it has any warranty. I think a good price for a
If it is totally damaged, then buy a new one. You can get repair help from this site:…. Source(s)
305/35-23 sized tires are about as commonly found as the dodo. You will be hard pressed to find a use tire in that size. It's hard enough to find them new. There are a few POS Falkens
I disagree with Gary. Actually, he has no idea what he's talking about. Have you seen any of those shows where they build customs? What do you think they are doing brother, they &
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The cost of a 2010 Honda Civic from a junk yard will depend on a few factors. First, you can expect that since it is a newer vehicle, it will cost you more than ...
If you get a transmission from a junkyard you will pay around 100-150.00 for it but to fix one you will pay 570 for labor and about 1400 for parts depending on ...
A radiators cost varies vehicle to vehicle try calling your local auto parts store and ask for your type of vehicles radiator. You can also check with a junk yard ...
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