How to Tip a Caterer.?


1. Peruse your catering contract to find out where your money is going. Many event service providers include a gratuity charge within the bill, and you shouldn't feel the need to extend an additional tip. If the service was outstanding or the caterer
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Talk to the caterer in advance. Most caterers have a service charge that is included in
15% of the bill and make sure a tip is passed on to the servers/cooks etc
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According to a local caterer it is normally not necessary to tip the servers. Often a gratuity is built into the contract prices automatically. You should ask ...
If your caterer doesn't include a service charge in the bill, you should tip about 15% of the bill, which should be shared between the catering staff. If a service ...
According to a local caterer the amount to tip depends on the caterer's contract. Sometimes a gratuity is automatically included in the price, so it's not proper ...
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