How Much Do You Tip a Limousine Driver?


This is determined by how one is impressed with the driver' services, if one was respectful and if the drive was smooth without so much interruption. This would give reason for the passenger in the limousine to tip the driver.
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How Much Do You Tip a Limousine Driver?
You may want to rent a limousine for a special event or occasion such as a wedding, prom night or anniversary. At the end of the night, you need to remember that the person who spent the night driving you around earns only minimum wage, but works quite... More »
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There are two types of limo drivers: those paid an hourly rate or those paid a fixed rate, which is sometimes called fixed cost. Drivers paid hourly are paid for the time spent carrying
I've heard that tip standards kind of depend on the part of the country (if you're in the US) that you live in. So what might be customary on the West Coast might be way too high
How much to tip a cab driver will vary according to your location. You should try to tip 15 percent of the fare. If the driver is helping carry bags or packages, you should add another
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Most people will tip a limousine driver the typical 15% to 20%. However, it is really your discretion. If you feel like being nice then tip the driver 22% to ...
Tips to anyone are usually based on a percentage of the bill and according to the quality of service provided. If you are riding alone or with a partner, tip the ...
There really is no law that says you must tip a limousine driver but it is customary to top them fifteen to twenty percent of the total cost of the trip. Some ...
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