How Much Do You Tip the Bellhop?


As of 2012, it is common practice that you tip the Bellhop $2.00 per bags. If you have 3 bags, you should give the Bellhop $6.00. However, the exact amount you tip should depend on the service you received.
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1. Keep small bills available for the purpose of tipping. 2. Let the bellhop carry your luggage, even if it is one small bag. 3. Tip the bellhop $5, in a first-rate hotel, plus $1
A bellhop is among the many people who make sure you are having a comfortable and hassle-free stay in a hotel. He carries your luggage and bags, shows you your hotel room, assists
Just tell him not to eat yellow snow.
You should tip a bellman $1 to $2 per bag, $5 minimum. A valet
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According to the manager at a local hotel it is often customary to tip the Bellhop between $1 and $2 for each bag they carry for you. Any extra help they offer ...
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