How Much Do You Win If You Get the Powerball Number Plus One Additional Number?


If you get the powerball number plus one additional number correct, you would win, $3.00, if you did the power play for 2x, it would be 6.00, 3x would be 9.00 and so on.
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7 11 14 21 25 27 31 33 36 38 42.
1. Go to the official website and click on "Powerball Numbers" for the full list of winning numbers and Powerball results from previous games. 2. Create a spread sheet to
The winning Powerball numbers for 12/24/2008 were 17, 22, 32, 41 and
For drawing date September 26, 2009, the numbers are: 18,20,34,36,39, and 19 x3. Next drawing, 9/30/09
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According to the powerball website, someone who matches two numbers and the powerball wins a grand $7! There is a 1 in 787.17 chance of matching two numbers and ...
If you have a Powerball ticket and get three of the numbers correct, you'll win $7. If you get three numbers correct plus the red powerball, you'll win $100. ...
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