How Much Does 100ml of Water Weigh?


100 millilitre of water is equal to approximately 100 grams. This is the derives by the formula; the accumulation/mass of a element (Mi) divided by the volume of the mixture V.
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100 ml of water would weigh 100 grams, or .2205 lbs. ChaCha on!
At 20°C (room temp. 35.9g NaCl (salt) will dissolve in 100g of H2O (water)
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1 Ml water weighs 1 gram so 100Ml weighs 100 grams. And this is because the density of water varies with temperature. I ml of water weighs 1 gram or 0.0352739619 ounces and 1 Imperial fluid ounce of weighs=28.41 grams, 1 US fluid ounce=29.57 grams.
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