How Much Does 16 Ounces of Water Weigh?


1 ounce equals around 0.03 liter; and the density of water in room temperature is proximately 1kg/liter. So 16 ounces of water weigh 0.03*16*1=0.48kg, euqals about 1.06 pound.
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16 ounces of water weighs about 1 pound. You can check this on your own by doing the math with a calculator. 1 gallon of water is 128 ounces and weighs about 8.35 pounds.
Technically, it depends on the temperature of the water. The density of water changes as heat is added or removed. at 32° Fahrenheit (0o Celsius), 16 fl ounces of water will weigh
16.9 fluid oz's of water is equal to 1.06 lbs.
A fluid ounce is a volume measurement and an ounce is a weight measurement. They are related though, because 1 Fl Oz of water equals one Oz (in weight) of water. Water is the thing
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