How Much Does a 12 Pack of Corona Cost?


The average cost of a twelve pack of Corona, Corona Light and Corona Extra is about 13.99 per pack. This is an average based on numbers from August, 2012.
Q&A Related to "How Much Does a 12 Pack of Corona Cost?" sells a 12 pack of Corona Extra for $25.
$12 to $15 plus TAX.
First, get into your time machine and go back to 1987 with me to the Yucatan coast of Mexico. We can drink coronas for 32 American cents a bottle. Then about 3 years later, when the
Depending on where you live a 12 pack of Corona beer tends to be $12.99. It is 4.6% alcohol by volume.
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The price of a 12 pack of Corona varies. It depends on where you purchase the beer. It could be as low as $14.99 or as high as $20. ...
Corona does not come in kegs. It is only available in bottles and cans. You can expect to pay approximately $12 and up for a 12 pack depending on location. Corona ...
The cost of a case of Corona will vary according to location. However, Dan Murphy's lists it at $49.90 for a case of 24 bottles. A six-pack goes for $16.99. ...
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