How Much Does a 17 Caliber Rifle Cost?


Depending on the brand of the gun, the price of a 17 calibre rifle can range from 1241.50 British pounds sterling to 6207.70 British pounds sterling. The 17 calibre rifles are sold at any local gun store near you.
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The cost of rifle combo which includes .22 and .177 caliber is $ 179.99
In the case of the Barrett M82 rifle, about 30-31 lbs, depending on the model. The scope may add several more pounds if a night vision scope is used.
An unissued (not used in war or military service) Yugoslavian SKS sells for about
A 17 inch LCD monitor ranges in price from a low of about 68 dollars, to highs of 260+ these prices are based on crystal count, frequency(in mhz) and brand name.
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