How Much Does a 24 Inch Largemouth Bass Weigh?


A 24 inch largemouth bass weighs 8.64 pounds.
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Normally, four to five and a half pounds.
The formula used by scientists to estimate weight
Hi Pete, If you know the girth you can get pretty close with this formula. Length x length x girth divided by 1200. Otherwise, a 23 incher is probably in the 7-8 pound range. A 24
As rusty and beat up as you make the scale sound, that sounds about right. That guy looks like it's in the 6.5lb range. One way you can test the scale and figuring out for sure is
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Well technically, the weight of a 21 inch largemouth bass will vary from size,but on average, it would weigh 300,000,000 kilograms ...
The world record largemouth bass is 30 inches long and weighed 22 pounds, 5 ounces (10.12kg). This tied the 1932 World Record. It was caught in Lake Biwa in Japan ...
The largest bigmouth bass that has been recorded was twenty nine and a half inches long and weighed twenty five pounds. These fish live on average of sixteen ...
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