How Much Does a 2nd Class Postage Stamp Cost?

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In the United Kingdom, a first class stamp currently costs 60p, and a second class stamp costs 50p.
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60 pence.
The postage for an envelope from the US to
It is currently .42 cents. It will raise to .44 cents on May 11, 2009. Source(s)
The current price of a UK first class stamp is 46 pence (12 x First Class: £5.52). A UK second class stamp is 36 pence. Do you need other stamp info?
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To send a Second Class letter within the UK, the Royal Mail currently charges 36p for a 2nd Class postage stamp. The price is likely to be increased in 2012.
The cost of second class postage differs with the size of a package. The postage of second class letters weighing up to 100g that are not more than 5mm thick and up to C5 in size, costs approximately 32p.
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