How Much Does a 3 Karat Diamond Ring Cost?


How much a 3 karat diamond ring costs depends on many factors including the metal used, the weight, cut, color, and clarity of the diamond, and whether the ring is made up of one stone or multiple stones put together. You can expect to pay between $25,000 and $35,000 for a good quality 3 karat diamond ring made with one stone. The same ring made with several smaller stones put together will be much less expensive.
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It varies greatly, traditionally a guy uses 2-3 months of his
The price of a 2 karat diamond engagement ring is roughly around $8000 USD, but will vary largely depending on the qualities of the diamond, the metal used, and the setting.
The Gemalogical Institute of America's color-grading scale is the industry standard. The scale starts at D, representing colorless, and ends at Z, which represents near colorless.
Prices vary depending on quality and cut. 1.01-Carat Fancy Yellow Marquise-Cut Diamond is $5,012.
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