How Much Does a 50 Savings Bond Cost?


It depends on what type of savings bond you purchase. A series EE bond will cost you half of the value, making a $50 bond cost you $25. However, you can also purchase Series I savings bond, in which case a $50 bond will cost $50. While you can no longer buy savings bond at a bank you can purchase or redeem one online.
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$50.00 . plus whatever the interest rate of the bond was at the time of issue.
half of the amount. $50 savings bond would cost $25.
It depends on what series of bond it is. Most bonds are worth face value, and
The paper bond, which you can see above, features a $50 face value with an image of George Washington, the nation's first President, against a watermark of Independence Hall in Philadelphia
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How much a 50 dollar savings bond is worth depends on the year that it was issued and the series. You can take it to you local bank, they can tell you what it ...
A $50 savings bond from 1994 would probably be worth around $80 today. There is a very easy way to find out the exact amount. All you need is the serial number ...
The amount you would get if you cashed in a $50 savings Bond would depend on the date it was issues and the series. For example an EE series Savings Bond with ...
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