How much does an AK-47 cost?


While original AK-47s are currently considered museum pieces, modern copies of the original design run between $500 and $700. So, while not the least expensive rifle available, they are a remarkably inexpensive assault weapon that can stand up to just about anything the average military regiment might put them through.

Originally designed following World War II, the AK-47 and its descendants were intended to be cheap to manufacture, easy to maintain and provide a nearly unstoppable firing mechanism to rival nearly anything that the West would produce. Needless to say, it was a resounding success, and many of these are still in use today in many parts of the world. A used AK-47 will still fire just as reliably today as it would have 40 or even 50 years ago. However, owning a fully automatic weapon like an AK-47 may not necessarily be legal for the average civilian. Many professional gunsmiths do assemble and sell kit-built AK-47 rifles with the full-auto function removed or disabled. Owning a fully automatic weapon of this nature usually requires secondary licensing from the ATF or other law enforcement organization. Those that maintain that licensing are allowed to own and operate this style of rifle without fear of prosecution.

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I have read around that a used AK-47 can be purchased with less than 30 USD in some african countries.
Semi-automatic AK clones? They just keep getting cheaper by the day.….…. Add in S&
The AK-47 costs around $60 to construct, ChaCha on!
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The average price for an AK-47 in good condition is $575, making it one of the least expensive automatic weapons on the market.
In general they may range in price between $330 and $950, depending upon the manufacturer and the included accessories and attachments.
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