How Much Does a Baby Elephant Weigh at Birth?


A baby elephant is called a calf and it is 200 pounds when it is born. A baby elephant can walk within one hour of being born.
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A baby elephant weighs around 200 pounds (90 kilograms) at birth.
Baby elephants average weight at birth is 232 lbs. Thanks for using chacha!
A baby elephant is called a calf. After 22-month gestation period, single elephant calves are born weighing about 265 pounds.
Hi, A baby elephant weigh at birth is 117 to 330 pounds (53 to 150 kilograms) average 232 pounds (105 kilograms) and the trunk is too short. Source(s)
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A baby elephant may weigh as much as two hundred pounds at birth! This also equates to 90 kg. Baby elephants have very large ears at birth and they are hairy. ...
An adult elephant can weigh up to 25,000 pounds. A baby elephant at birth can weight up to 250 pounds. The African elephant is the largest land mammal. ...
A baby elephant can weigh up to two hundred pounds. They are born with hair all over their bodies and their ears look unusually large. This hair will gradually ...
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