How Much Does a Baby Need to Weigh to Be Discharged from Hospital in NJ?


A baby needs to weigh a minimum of 5 pounds before they can be discharged from the hospital in New Jersey. If the baby was born under this weight, the baby will have to stay in the hospital until it reaches 5 pounds.
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The weight of the baby is usually around at least
A baby needs to be able to maintain his body temperature, breathe normally in room air (without extra oxygen) and take in enough calories on his own to grow. Apparently, at this hospital
On the day your baby is discharged bring: An infant car seat. Baby blankets. Clothes for your baby to wear home (remember to dress your baby according to the temperature and weather
Discharged babies can stay in the hospital from anywhere from 1 day to a couple of months awaiting payment of bills. In NICU the average may be a week or two. There are lot who are
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