How Much Does a Baby Rhino Weigh?


Baby rhino's usually weigh around 35 lbs although some weigh around 40 lbs. The most a new born white rhino can weigh is 140 pounds. The weight of a baby rhino depends on which species it belongs too.
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35lbs as new born,most of time some weigh 40lbs.
Indian and white rhino calves are the biggest. They're about 2 feet long and weigh 99 pounds or more. report this answer. Updated on Thursday, February 02 2012 at 01:07PM EST. Source
1. First, get ready for the toughest step. Weigh yourself. 2. Write down your actual weight. 3. Pick up the baby and check what you weigh together. 4. Subtract your weight from the
A black rhino pregnancy is usually 15 months and at birth, black rhino calves weigh around 40kg. Usually only have a single calf, twins are very rare. report this answer. Updated
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