How Much Does a Bale of Cotton Weigh?


According to the National Cotton Council of America a bale of cotton weighs 500 pounds. This is different in weight from bales of hay or other crops. A hay bale only weighs up to 100 pounds which is much less than a cotton bale.
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A bale of cotton in the United States typically weighs 500 pounds.
The weight of a bale of hay depends on the type. Normal bales of hay weight between 70 and 100 pounds. Round bales of hay weigh between 700 and 900 pounds. Large square bales of hay
A bale of cotton weighs about 500 pounds. (Ref 1) The standard weight for a bale of cotton from the gin is 480 pounds. (Ref 2) A bale of cotton weighs approximately 500 pounds (est.
A square bale of straw will differ in weight depending on the size
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A bale of cotton weighs about five hundred pounds. This is enough cotton to make about twelve hundred men's t-shirts or forty-three hundred mid-calf socks.
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The price of a bale of cotton will vary. This will mainly depend on the weight of the bale that you are trying to buy. On average a standard bale is $90. ...
The weight of a bale of hay varies based upon size and how it is baled. You have square bales, which the large ones, can weigh upwards of 1500 pounds. The round ...
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