How Much Does a Bearded Dragon Cost?


The price of the bearded dragon runs between $50 and $100. However, keep in mind they require a lot of care and supplies that will run your initial costs up. You can find more information here:
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The average price for a Bearded Dragon runs between $50 and $100. The actual cost will be much higher once you figure in all the supplies needed to house and feed your dragon. To
When purchasing a bearded dragon the cost depends on the time of year and also where / who you are purchasing it from. For example, if the breeding season has passed then you can
Bearded Dragons can sell for as little as $15 in bulk price to as much as $900
1. Place the adult bearded dragon couple into a large, enclosed space. 2. Begin keeping an eye on the female after mating occurs. Look for signs of a bulging abdomen. The typical
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Bearded dragons themselves will vary in cost. You will probably pay between $50 and $100. Remember when trying to determine the cost of a new pet, you want to ...
Two bearded dragons and their setup can cost £500 which does not include the food. You will have to spend extra for the food. A box of there food costs & ...
depends the age of the beardie mine cost about 300 pound for a baby one with all the viv included. ...
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