How Much Does a Bed Weigh?


How much a bed weighs will depend on the size of the bed, as well as the mattresses. Waterbeds tend to weigh more than coil mattresses and box springs. A California king size water bed can weigh close to 2000 pounds when filled.
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150 pounds.
It really depends on what kind of bed you're talking about. Do you mean the bed of a
It can vary greatly depending on the bed frame and the mattress and whether you mean both combined or not. Usually in the range of 100-150 pounds.
These vehicles weigh approximately 3690 pounds curb weight without significant modification.
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The weight of a bed depends on several factors. Is it a pillow top mattress which is thicker or what it is made out of on the inside? All mattresses have a different ...
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The world's heaviest person weighs 1,225 pounds or 555 kilograms. His name is Manuel Uribe of Monterrey, Mexico. He has been confined to his own bed for the last ...
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