How Much Does a Black Diamond Cost?


The price of diamond is affected by the colour, cut, clarity and carat weight. For example, a good surface,round, 1.29 carat, black diamond costs £1,150.
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Every diamond is valued by its carat weight, its colour, its cut and its clarity. There is no standard. Without endorsement, you can price black diamonds, below.
Black diamonds can be pure, inky black but they also come in a range of lighter, smoky shades. White diamonds are formed from pure carbon, while most colored diamonds, such as pink
1. Learn about black diamonds. There are plenty of resources available to learn all about black diamonds. Black diamonds are crystallized carbon, just like regular diamonds. Either
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A black diamond ring with a weight of 1.8 carats goes for approximately $800. To get the actual value of a diamond you should visit a jewelry appraiser. So many factors determine the value cut, clarity and carat.
The black diamond is a very rare diamond. Prices for the black diamond are in a wide range. These prices will depend on the size, cut, and the carat of the diamond.
The amount that a black diamond will cost depends on the size and quality of the diamond as well as the color. A typical one carat black diamond is around $1200 and the prices can vary from there.
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