How Much Does a Book Weigh?


How much a book will weigh depends on a variety of factors related to its size. You would have to take into consideration the type of covering, number of pages, binding and width/height of the pages. You can use an online book weight calculator to estimate the weight of a book.
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How much a book weighs will depend on how many pages are in the book and how big or small the pages are. A book could weigh anywhere from 1 pound up to many pounds.
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Books come in all different sizes so they have all different weights. Some books, like for instance children books, weigh very little while dictionaries can weigh quite a bit.
Books come in many different sizes, so there is no way this question can be answered unless we know how big the books are. If you have a particular box of books in mind, you could
If you are reading it straight through, a novel for example, the ebook should be fine. If it is for reference and you will be flipping back and forth through the book, perhaps the
The Wolverine - Weight: 149 LB (68 kg/10.6 St) Please keep the questions
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