How Much Does a Breast Weigh?


The amount that a breast will weigh will vary. It will depend on size and how dense the fatty tissue in the breast is. A D cup size breast can weigh up to 4 pounds.
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A breast can weigh up to 3-4 pounds each if a woman has a D cup size. The weight can vary depending on the size though. The smaller they are, the less they weigh.
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That would depend on the size of the person as well as the cup size. Obvisoulsy the breats of someone who is a 28DD are a different weight from someone who is a 48DD. The cup size
In the average woman, breast weight is usually approximately 200 grams. Go ChaCha!
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A human breast weighs about 1.8 kilograms. This weight depends on whether a woman has a D cup size breast. The breast weight determinant is the size of it. The ...
The weight of a chicken breast depends on the size of the chicken. The average weight of a boneless chicken breast is between 3 and 4 ounces. ...
About 3.5 lbs. each. ...
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