How much does a bus weigh?


A bus can weigh from 6,001 pounds to more than 33,001 pounds, depending on the size and classification of the bus. A 13-meter-long, two-axle bus with a six-cylinder, rear-mounted, 12-liter diesel engine weighs 18 tons.

Other factors can contribute to the different weights of buses, such as the availability of onboard entertainment, air-conditioning systems and other facilities. Buses are also customized and fitted with different accessories depending on the region, as people from around the world have different bus-riding needs. These differences are often addressed at places like the Euro Bus Expo 2014, which is expected to host 10,000 professionals from the coach and bus industry for a three-day event.

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It will weigh around 30,000 lbs depending on what it is equiped with.
On the average, a 38' 84 passenger school bus weighs in between 11 & 14 Tons curb weight
Large buses typically weight 23,000 lbs- or more! Any other questions for us?
The busses in my city weigh anywhere from 6,400kg to 23,000kg. Multiply by 2.2 to get the weight in pounds.….
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The avarage weight of a double decker bus is 7ton 7cwt, 7530kg rm - 7ton 14cwt, 7950kg rml while emty. ...
The weight of a bus can weigh between 11,340 kilograms (25,000) and 18,144 kilograms (40,000 pounds) and the average size of a city bus is between 35 and 50 feet ...
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